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The Intesity of mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Intesity of mild TBI

At the meeting of American Association for the Advancement of Science held in 2010 at San Diego, the Director at Center for Brain Injury and Repair, Douglas Smith, MD who is also a Neurosurgery professor at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine presented the results of his research on the working of molecular mechanism in mild Traumatic Brain injuries (mTBI).

In spite of the fact that more than a million people in United States are affected by mild TBI every year, there is general ignorance of mTBI which is a major issue regarding health.

Persisting cognitive and neurological problems are induced by mild traumatic brain injury in many TBI patients. Mild TBI has an effect on internal brain connections and nerve cells as well as on the outcomes after the trauma. Even if these consequences of mTBI are known, how it happens is yet to be found out. Dr. Smith along with his colleagues has started collecting data from studies conducted on animals and humans suffering from mild TBI just after 2 to 4 days of the trauma by using advanced technologies of neuroimaging. Distinct changes all over the brain have been found on analyzing this data closely by the researchers. The blood tests of mild TBI patients indicate that there is a presence of protein markers of brain pathology in their blood.

A molecular mechanism has been proposed by the team of researchers as an explanation of their findings. One of their findings says that the axons of nerve cells stretch and disconnect after a person suffers from mTBI and this causes a problem in the channels of sodium that are situated on neurons. Dr. Smith said that the detection of brain pathology after mTBI calls for more efforts for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mild TBI.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Not So Mild After All

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