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Taking Care of TBI patients

Taking Care of TBI Patient

The recovery process after a person has suffered from a traumatic brain injury can take many months or even years. The ability to recover after TBI varies from person to person. During the time of recovery, it is very essential that good care of patients is taken by people who are close to them. Mentioned below are some tips that can help you to take proper care of traumatic brain injury patients:

  • Taking rest is the most important thing for a TBI patient. Make sure that the patient rests for a long time because the brain takes time to heal and rest is the best way for recovering sooner.
  • If the person wants to return to regular activities, allow them to do it gradually. The activities will keep the mind occupied and help in the recovery process.
  • The patient should not be allowed to play contact sports such as football, baseball or even adventure sports like skiing.
  • Try to prevent incidents that can lead to another blow or jolt to the patient’s head.
  • After the head injury, the reaction time of the brain might have slowed down. Before allowing the patient to drive a car, ride a bike or use heavy objects, consult the doctor.
  • The patient should take only the medicines that are prescribed by the doctor.
  • Do not permit the patient to consume alcohol or drugs because that can damage the nerve cells of the brain.
  • It often happens that a TBI patient cannot remember even small things. If this is the case, ask the patient to write them down.
  • When a severe TBI affects a person, some abilities like talking, walking or reading may get lost. In such situations, consult the doctor so that he can help to start therapies to re-learn the lost skills.
  • There are many rehabilitation centers where the patient can stay and recover. Your doctor can help you in arranging a center for TBI rehabilitation.

Taking Care of TBI patients

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