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Taking Care of TBI patients

The recovery process after a person has suffered from a traumatic brain injury can take many months or even years. The ability to recover after TBI

Neuropsychological Assessment

The traditional practice of Neuropsychological Assessment was to check and analyze the extent of a particular skill of a person that has been

Effects of TBI on Children

Traumatic Brain Injuries can have adverse effects on children affected with it. The mild form of TBI can have some minor and short-term

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Traumatic brain injury is a silent epidemic that is spreading rapidly across the country every year. The number of long-term disabilities and deaths as a result of TBI are increasing every day. Traumatic brain injury has been recognized as a nationwide public health problem. In midst of all this, there was a necessity of a website that provides information about different aspects of traumatic brain injuries to the people. Head injury center is a website that contains vital information regarding traumatic brain injury and various topics related to it.

Our website has a news section having articles which shed light on the latest happenings in TBI research and development. The site contains articles about different diagnosis tests for TBI, preventive measures, tips for taking care of TBI patients and the consequences of TBI on the patients. Our site also provides information about different rehabilitation centers for the treatment and recovery of TBI patients throughout the country.

Role of the Family in supporting TBI patients

TBI Patient Family RoleA patient of traumatic brain injury can take many months or even years to recover from the trauma. The treatment of TBI patients is mostly handled by the doctor or other certified medical professionals with the help of therapies and medications. During the recovery stage, the most important thing that TBI patients require is mental support from the family.

TBI and Common Vision Problems

DepressionEach year there are millions of people who suffer brain injuries and millions of people who survive those injuries. But TBI brings many side-effects with it and vision problem is one of the most widespread effects of a brain injury. The visual problems can vary from visual field loss to dry eyes and other such effects.

Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography

Single Photon Emission Computer TomographySingle Photon Emission Computed Tomography or SPECT is a functional imaging technique that can be used to acquire high resolution images of the brain. SPECT imaging is advantageous in detecting a traumatic brain injury after a fall or an accident. The basic objective of SPECT is to determine the areas in the brain which are functioning normally and those that are less active.


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